Decal compass with globe and cardinal points


Get your decal compass with globe and cardinal points at the best price and highest quality.

Available sizes are listed in cm and width x height:

Size 3: 60×60 Size 4: 90×90 Size 5: 120×120
Size 6: 150×150 Size 7: 180×180 Size 8: 210×210

Are you looking for a specific size or would you like to make a change to an existing design to make it more personal? Contact us!



These decals for vans and motorhomes are manufactured in Germany with high quality self-adhesive vinyl material, so we can guarantee the longevity of our decals without scratches, fading or peeling off the surface. Unlike the large majority of graphics for vans, our decals are not printed, the vinyl material is made of a specific colour, which is why they are particularly scratch resistant and form easily to any surface you choose to apply it on.

Our decorative decals for vans and motorhomes, also called stickers or graphics for vans or motorhomes are, unlike other graphics, all made with vinyl adhesives in the colour of your choosing; As a result, it is almost impossible to scratch our decals. The decals come with clear edges and once applied, they will look like they were painted on. This is one of the primary differences between our decals on vinyl material and regular stickers or graphics for vans, the final result will be perfect and of the highest quality.



Do you have a special decal design in mind but can’t find it or have you found a design in our catalogue but would like to make some changes to it? Do you like one of our designs but instead of a climber want it with a surfer, to have a more personalised decal? No problem, Contact us and let us know, we can almost certainly can make sure you get a unique and exclusive decal that represents you and your van perfectly.



All our decal designs for vans or motorhomes are delivered on panels with a max width of 60 cm, allowing for easier application. Once installed, there will be no visible seams, as the rolls overlap each other to avoid the seams from coming apart. With the decal, you will receive instructions to help you with the installation. Additionally, you can contact us via WhatsApp on 365 days a year, and we can help resolve any questions or difficulties you might encounter during the application process of your decal.


We offer a wide range of colours to choose from. This way your decal will look perfect on your van. The shown colours are examples, the real colour can vary according to the calibration of your computer screen. We offer all colours in a matte finish, but are able to provide a glossy finish upon request. Check with us for availability.


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bright yellow, butter yellow, amber, spring yellow, blue, light blue, cobalt blue, dark blue, reflex blue, ultramarine blue, bright blue, beige, white, burgundy, grey, light grey, dark gray, lavender, purple, magenta, ivory, marsh, chocolate brown, light brown, orange, light orange, black, gold, metallic silver, red, poppy red, medium red, pink, turquoise, forest green, grass green, kelly green, lime green, violet


Side – 2, Side -1, The 2 sides


Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6, Size 7, Size 8